Dreamland Beach, Bali, Indonesia - Feel in Bali

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Dreamland Beach, Bali, Indonesia

Dreamland Beach is a tourist spot located in the south of Bali, which is located within the complex Pecatu Graha Bali (Kuta Golf Links Resort). only about 30 minutes from Kuta beach. Dreamland beach itself is almost similar to Kuta Beach.

White sand and a steep gully into a view that is so alluring eyes to look at. Location of clean white sand on the narrow beach just below the steep rock walls perfect for enjoying the sunset or simply watch the surfers attractions.
Large waves are high and in great demand by fans of water sports surfing, even Dreamland has become a kind of new to the area surf spots of Bali. Dreamland beach surrounded by cliffs that rise high and surrounded by a fairly large rock in the vicinity of the beach. Facilities prepared for tourists is ample parking and toilets.

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