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Monday, July 4, 2016

Cheap traveled to Bali (Tips)

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You're a backpacker who had never been to Bali and had a plan for a backpacker to Bali? Bali has a fascinating natural scenery, other than that Bali is also a tourist destination rich in values ​​of art and history, especially the history of Hinduism. On the island you will find a lot of backpackers from both domestic and foreign tourists. Everything is made Bali as the favorite tourist destinations.
traveled to Bali would indeed be cheaper if you do with the style of a backpacker. Backpacker to Bali will make you able to enjoy to the maximum the tourist spots of Bali, walking around with a limited cost. if you want to do a backpacker to Bali, here are some tips that you can try:

1. Do not travel during the holiday season
For the backpacker, we recommend if you want a trip to Bali or doing backpacker to Bali, do not choose the time of the holiday season. this is because the number of visitors increases, prices will also be more expensive fare. Choose the one weekday to get a cheaper package, including flight tickets are on holiday will certainly be more expensive.

2. Motorcycle Rental
For backpackers who visit Bali, we recommend that you choose a rental motorcycle as a vehicle around tourist attractions. besides the price is cheaper than renting a car, a motorbike will make you free from congestion. You more flexibility to visit the sites you want.

3. Choosing a cheap lodging in Bali
Not all hotels in Bali is expensive. For those of you who want to do a backpacker to Bali or vacation to Bali with a limited budget, you can find accommodation ranging from under one hundred thousand rupiah per night. The lodging prices usually are used by backpackers to further save the budget. In Bali provided various kinds of places to stay like a star and non-star hotel, kondentel, villas and so on.