Balangan Beach, Bali Surfing Spot - Feel in Bali

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Balangan Beach, Bali Surfing Spot

Balangan beach is one of the best surfing locations in Bali that are excellent surfers both beginners and professionals. Name this beach did seem strange to the ear. Still very rare local travelers or travel agents who enter this Balangan Beach in their tour schedule.

Balangan beach is a white sandy beach which is very natural which is located in Pecatu, Bali is not far from Dreamland Beach. This beach lies hidden in the southern part of the island of Bali. This beach locations flanked by two steep cliff. When the tide is low, visitors can walk along the coast westward to Dreamland Beach.

Compared to Kuta Beach is global and crowded with tourists, this beach has a more beautiful beach conditions. The beauty of this beach due to the lack of tourists visiting there.

Balangan Beach
Neatly lined beachfront palm trees waving exposed to the warm coastal breeze. In a stretch of white sand along the 1 kilometer, tourists can bask in the sun or shelter under umbrellas provided by the locals to be hired.

Waves eroded
On top of a cliff or cliff where there is a sort of hut used by visitors to enjoy the beauty of the beach from a height. It seems clear that Balangan Beach is located between the cliffs eroded by the waves.

Most tourists visiting this beach always utilize beach waves big enough for surfing or some are just swimming the shallows. Most visitors at this beach are foreign tourists, only a few local tourists are seen at this beach.

Thatched roofs
Although the location of the hidden Balangan Beach, but it was enough for a complete facility. On the beach there are cafes and restaurants thatched dining spot for my friend. Meanwhile, if you want to spend, here are available some accommodation that is ready to welcome my friend.

Overnight at the seaside with a courtyard patio white sand and blue sea make the holidays unforgettable friend. To go to this Balangan Beach, from Denpasar only takes 30 minutes. So when my friend on holiday to Bali, do not forget to stop at Balangan Beach?