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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hot Water Banyuwedang

Hot Water Banyuwedang is situated in the middle of mangrove forests in the coastal dunes, the surrounding land is still barren due to lack of lime and water sources for reforestation.
Location of Banyuwedang Hot water is under water at high tide and is the largest hot springs, safety of concrete buildings made ​​in the form of a circle that serves as a dike, so that when the tide, hot water is not mixed with sea water.

Hot Water Banyuwedang Cure Skin Diseases

For hot water temperature is an average 40 degrees Celsius and has a high sulfur content, the hot water is believed to cure skin diseases, so many people who visit to get healing.

Hot Water Banyuwedang is Pejarakan Gerokgak 60 km from the town of Singaraja, lane boundary area of ​​West Bali National Park. To the south of the highway to Hot Water Banyuwedang including the National Park, while to the north is a region consisting of Batu Ampar calcareous soils.
To go to the location of the hot water from the highway department Banyuwedang Singaraja-Gilimanuk has been improved, so too has built parking facilities.

Bathroom facilities some rooms enclosed, making it easier for people to submerge as much and the visitors who come from domestic tourists and Abroad with the aim of treatment.
Local Government of the Province of Bali will develop this area as an Area Tourism For Health, or commonly called "Health Tourism".


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