Beautiful scenery on the Antap beach, Bali, Indonesia - Feel in Bali

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Beautiful scenery on the Antap beach, Bali, Indonesia

Antap beach is one beach which is located in Tabanan regency.Tabanan beauty nobody doubts anymore, beautiful natural attraction capable of making visitors feel at home here, as well as the beauty of the beaches and the exotic mountain located in Tabanan.What are the advantages antap beach? This beach is often visited by tourists because it has black sand with waves big enough. This beach is very comfortable atmosphere that is perfect for those who crave peace and quiet living. Regular visitors to come here right crowded in the afternoon to play, swim, and enjoy the charm of a coastal state.

Antap the black sand beach has a view that can make admiration for each eye of the beholder. Cliffs - towering rock cliffs and a collection of rock slammed by wave action is always the main attraction for beach antap.

Although not able to bathe in this place due to the famous waves big enough and filled with rocks, but you can put it into action photography or doing a culinary tour at the seaside.

The majority of the people residing in the vicinity of this beach has a subsistence farmers whose agricultural activities can be seen when you visit this place. Various facilities are built and improved to support the tourism sector on the beach is like eating places, lodging, rental equipment swimming, souvenirs typical of Bali, and the vast parking area. Had no time, if you visit Bali then must make themselves available to visit this beach.


Antap beach located in the village of antap, Selemadeg District, Tabanan, Bali Province, Indonesia.


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