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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Pick your Own Strawberry at Wisata Bali Strawberry, Bedugul

Traveled to the mountainous regions such as in Bedugul you will find many merchants selling strawberries . Seeing the fresh strawberries that are sold , if you are interested in knowing how the strawberry farm and pick them at will ? Well this is the place Bali Strawberry . In addition to a restaurant that provides a wide range of strawberry with strawberry foods , you can also enjoy the beautiful garden strawberry traveled landscapes bedugul that is unbelievably beautiful . Pick your own strawberries in Strawberry Bali Travel is an attractive offer given here . You can freely choose and picking strawberries that you like , but that you also may be wondering about gardening and how to choose a good strawberry so getting fresh fruit and scrumptious strawberry farmers who always took care of the garden strawberry here . Not satisfied with just picking strawberries , you can order a unique menu of strawberry strawberries that you have learned earlier . It is true , you will be pampered with a variety of unique strawberry in this place .
         Strawberry Bali attractions located in Br . Garden Signs , Baturiti Bedugul , Tabanan is very easy to find , because it is located on the side of the road when you travel to area attractions Bedugul . You only need less than 180 minutes from Ngurah Rai Airport to reach this attraction , from there you just go Jalan Sunset Road , thence Kerobokan and headed to Mengwi . Next you just take the connecting road to the north of Denpasar and Singaraja . The distance from Denpasar town is about 90 km . Tracing the higher road again then you will find many other interesting attractions located in the Bedugul area , such as the attraction of Lake Buyan , Ulun Danu , Botanical Gardens , and many other interesting attractions . Strawberry Bali 's attractions can also be your resting place to enjoy fresh strawberries either after or before you start surrounding attractions in Bedugul .
          In Bali attraction Strawberry strawberry gardens , there are 4 very spacious and there is also a 6 gazebo made ​​of bamboo and straw - thatched roof which describes peculiarities Balinese atmosphere . This gazebo can also be a place for you and your family unwind while enjoying the varied menu on offer and talking strawberry fun loving . This area is approximately 50 acres , wide enough to drive around looking at various fresh strawberry body here . You will also be equipped with a basket for picking strawberries . For half a kg of strawberries valued Rp 25.000 , - for 1 kg and you just pay Rp 40.000 , - only
         In addition to the attractions , Bali Strawberry is also a restaurant to enjoy a culinary tour in Bali , so many other dishes are available here . More interesting is the mongoose , civet coffee which is coffee that is already very well known , even in foreign countries because of the resulting coffee taste pleasure . You can order this civet coffee only Rp 30.000 , - alone .