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Friday, June 7, 2013

Cheap lodging in Denpasar Bali

Accommodation and Cheap Hotels In Denpasar. Accommodation is one thing that is very important when we're on vacation. Choosing a place to sleep at tourist sites is tricky. For those who have surplus funds, the main priority is the comfort and facilities.

As for the majority of backpackers who have limited funds, priority is no longer a matter of convenience, but the price to be number one, even though there should be a sense of comfort. Well, this time I will share my experience choosing a place to stay in Bali.

As we know Bali has considerable attraction, but the distance between one location to another tourist relatively close, the most far reached within 2.5 hours from downtown Denpasar. Indeed many of the backpackers who choose stay at Poppies Lane area because it is close to Kuta Beach. But for me the better hotels in the area looking for Denpasar city, why.

Due to Denpasar was in the middle of attractions throughout the island of Bali. In addition, if we stay around Kuta Beach, we have to be patient with the traffic is always jammed, so if we will go to other attractions there, it will take a longer time.

When I was on holiday in Bali, I had to stay at 2 budget hotels at prices that are cheap enough jl Diponegoro, Denpasar. Here's the name of 2 hotels I've ever visited:

1. Hotel Viking.

Hotel Viking
Address: Jalan Diponegoro Denpasar, Bali (forget the number)
Cheapest fare: Rp 100.000 (weekdays), Rp 120,000 (high season)
Facilities: Bathroom in, 2-bed, fan, hot tea each morning
Rooms can be occupied for up to 4 people.

2. Hotel Grand Chandra

Hotel Grand Chandra
Address: 122 Jalan Diponegoro, Denpasar Bali
Phone: 0361-262022
Cheapest fare: Rp 100.000 (weekdays, Rp 130,000 (high season)
Facilities: TV, fan, 1 bed, free breakfast
A maximum of 2 people per room

The price above is the price in September, 2012, may this year has increased but usually only 15% per year. So when my friend chose cheap lodging in Denpasar, the two hotels above could be a reference mate to choose.