Wonderful Bali, Terunyan Village - Feel in Bali

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Wonderful Bali, Terunyan Village

Terunyan is a village located in the district of Kintamani, Bangli regency, Bali. To get to the village of Trunyan you have to cross the lake Batur by boat / boat hire locals. Terunyan village is derived from two words meaning Taru wood and fragrant incense means so Terunyan villages named after trees that grow around the village. Terunyan village history can not be separated from our 4 sons of the Sultan Sala who disturbed the aroma wafted at their residence. One of the four who is the daughter left the palace to find the source of the scent they smell. Unwittingly, they finally arrived in Bali, exactly in the border village of abducted district. Karangasem and Buleleng. When arriving at the south foot of Mount Batur, the son of the smallest, namely a daughter, want to stay in that place. The purpose of the third brother's youngest daughter agreed. Thus, the youngest daughter lived in that place. Then he moved to the east slope of Mount Batur, Batur temple where stood. As a goddess, she holds Ratu Ayu Mas Maketeg. After leaving his brother, the third son of the palace of Sala went on his way. When it reached a plateau in the southwest of Lake Batur, they heard the sound of birds. With excitement, youngest son shouted with joy. But the unhappy eldest brother heard screaming. He told his brother to stay alone in that place, but her sister did not want to. Angry his brother. He then kicked her sister to fall in a cross-legged sitting position, and became a statue. Until now in the name Kedisan, still there is a statue of stone sitting cross-legged.

The eldest son and second son then went on a trip down the east shore of Lake Batur. When it came to disebuah plains, they meet up with two women who are looking for lice. The second son is very interested. He then greeted the two women. However, the eldest son of his brother was not pleased with the action. He then told his sister to stay in place, but this sister who did not want to. Get angry and kicked the eldest son of the younger brother in a position to fall headlong and quickly abandoned by her sister. Furthermore, the younger brother was the village head in place. Now the place was known as the brother of Hamlet.

Eldest son who lived alone proceeded to the north along the edge of Lake Batur with a steep east. Soon, he reached a plateau. In that place he met a very beautiful goddess. Goddess was sitting alone under a tree Taru incense, the fragrant tree. The tree is the source of the scent sought Sala's four sons palace.

Eldest son was attracted to the beautiful goddess. He wanted memperistrinya. Eldest son then went to sister goddesses to woo her sister. Proposal be accepted, but must be willing to be the eldest son of the universe or the leader pancer area. Eldest son agreed requirements. After menikh and become a god, the eldest son Ratu Sakti Pancering title Jagat (the ancient name for the ruler of an area, either Son or Daughter called the Queen). The goddess, she holds Ratu Ayu Pingit In Basic.

Under the leadership of Ratu Sakti Pencering Jagat, the area they inhabit developed into a small empire. Ratu Sakti Pancering Jagat, then became king and his Kingdom was named Trunyan.

After becoming king, queen Sakti Pancering Jagat misgivings. He was afraid, lest anyone be in charge kerajanannya as fascinated by fragrance incense tree is in derahnya. He then ordered the aroma eliminates nose piercing. The trick is to put the bodies of people Trunyan under Taru incense tree that is widely available there so that rot in the open.
Since then the village Trunyan no longer smell nice at all.

 The bodies of the population, which was originally expected to decompose in the open air in the cemetery Sema Wayan it was not issued a sharp stench. It really is an oddity and wonders in the area.

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