Negara Bull Race in Bali - Feel in Bali

Friday, March 8, 2013

Negara Bull Race in Bali

The Balinese people are very proud of their culture and traditions are very rich and prestigious. Naturally, because of the cultural diversity of Bali to save a million, there are customs and religious events that are not necessarily owned by the citizens of other areas. In addition to a beautiful region, Bali also keeps its own uniqueness in terms of governance of social and community service regularity that has been going on since hundreds of years ago.
Bali is often celebrated annual festivals either, semeteran, quarterly, or monthly is not only held by residents of Bali itself but also by all the tourists who visit Bali. Typically, Balinese and foreign tourists shoulder to shoulder in making a celebration and tried denying indigenes and settlers. That's precisely what makes many tourists feel at home in Bali because they will not feel awkward with the attitude and acceptance of native Bali which is open and inclusive

One of the events that are often held in Bali Bull Race is the State which is a truly fantastic spectacle and able to entertain the audience. State Bull Race Perancak usually held at some distance from the State, where the event is one of the traditions of Bali. A unique event, which many people call a ridiculous celebration, but for many others touted entertaining and worth a watch.State Bull Race is a competition between many cows are driven by a jockey in a straight track and only one lane. Cows and bulls competed a carefully selected, based on the strength and color of the cows then spiked with typical ornaments and painted so it looks handsome and pleasing to the eye. As for the judgment is the speed and style of the cow, which cow that wins will spontaneously raise the prestige of cows and of course the owner as well. State Bull Race is usually held in June or July on Sunday. The origins of this tradition has not tertelusuri and many people think that this tradition is a celebration of the end of the harvest season.