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Monday, June 24, 2013

Tips to Rent a Motorcycle In Bali

Rent a motorbike in Bali may be one of the best alternative when you want to drive around in a variety of attractions in this paradise island. Rent a bike for most people is more profitable than the rental car or by using public transport. Renting a bike is also a favorite choice for many foreign tourists who were in Bali.

In addition to cheaper and more practical, with the motor we can waddle freely on the streets of Bali without avoid congestion. As we know that every tourist attraction in Bali definitely always crowded, it makes the roads leading to tourist sites crowded by vehicles of the visitors. So the motorhome we can be more free than driving a car.

Bike rental is also suitable for my friend who wanted a vacation and who have limited funds. Nevertheless there are some things to consider if we want to rent a bike in Bali. Let us not even be bothered by the motor which we rent, such as strike, a flat tire, or the letters are incomplete. Here are some tips on bike rental in Bali:

1. Check the vehicles and their physical importance of the parts such as brakes, lights, wheels, horn, turn signal lights, and other vital parts.
2. Ask permission to try the bike. Usually the owner of the motor does not object to this request, as long as not too far from the location.
3. Select the latest motor output. Because the new bike is more likely to have conditions that primed the motor rather than the old / old.
4. Check the motor vehicle registration, is it still valid or is due to pay taxes. Do not want to receive motor tax has not been paid off. I could have got a ticket the police later.
5. Choose a bike rental provides other support items such as helmets, raincoats and gloves. Check whether helmets provided already berstandart SNI.
6. Ask the rebate or discount when my friend rented a motor in a relatively long period of about a week or so.

Rent a motorcycle in Bali should make us more to enjoy a vacation in Bali, lest we vacation interrupted by the motor that we rent because we chose the motor error. Hopefully the above tips will be useful for my friend on holiday to Bali.