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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Unique getaways: Carat Waterfall Buleleng, Bali

Carat Waterfall Buleleng
Waterfalls Carat very unique shape that resembles a drinking water days of yore, Carat or Ceret. So, that's why later this waterfall called Carat. People around the waterfall is said that this little place is haunted and is expected to every visitor who comes to not issue a harsh word or destroy any objects that exist in this place.

In Carat Falls there are two waterfalls, which are large and small. Larger waterfall (height) under a waterfall smaller. Waterfall itself has a height of about 4 meters. Under both the waterfall there is a pool that is not too deep and is usually used for water bath or just play anyone who set foot here.

While the falls are higher, about 100 meters altitude surrounded by high cliffs and steep. However, many visitors can only see the higher waterfall is enough of a distance course because it is difficult to reach. And unique, it is a high waterfall can only be seen from above, not from below.


The entrance to the waterfall is located on the edge of the highway Kintamani-Singaraja via Kubutambahan. Arriving in the village of Tamblang be found signpost pointing and name plastered big enough on the right path to the waterfall is located. Distance from the gate to the waterfall about ± 600 meters or 15 minutes travel time. Next to the waterfall is made ​​by walking through the path by first past the bridge (titi) made ​​of woven bamboo over small streams, past overgrown plantation population cloves and coffee.


Carat Waterfall located in Banjar Dinas Klampauk, Tamblang Village, District Kabutambahan, Buleleng, Bali.