Reflecting On Indonesian Cildren's Day - Feel in Bali

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Reflecting On Indonesian Cildren's Day

july 23 is celebrated as Indonesian Children day, i do not know why that date was chosen as the national Children's day but I want to remember my brother and compare it with kids today.

many children today can navigate the virtual world- they have a sosial network account and paly games online.

they are already able to buy goods online by sell phone transfer and any one can explore the site a porn site, etc. when I was child I never knew about that kind a thing sand, I remember my first experience with computer was in my senior high school, and I remember the program format was still in DOS.
I think advance in technology and romanticizing of love through love song that dominate popular culture became another problem and have many negative effects on children. can you remember the time when kids could turn on the computer on their own, or understand the problems that come along with love?
looks like I'm lost with today's kids who I once knew. Today's child may still be 11 years old, but he is already able to make transactions online. whereas when I was my last year of Junior High school i didn't yet understand what Google was.

many kids these days swear a lot. the easly mock their friends " si cinnaa". this generation is our furture? when I was in elementary school, I didn't know Chinese, batak, Javenese. I didn't know what it meant to have a broken heart, or be in a love triangle or hexagon. what i know and remember is the beauty of the children.

it is interesting that now I work with children in urban areas in denpasar, where they very easily find out our celebrity gossip.

parents today allow their kids to do many activities freely and it is rare to see parentswho go with their cildren to activities care about what their children do.

what will become of the children's future? the slogsn strong children strong nation is pretty cool, but first we need parents to care. 

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