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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

desa les

Desa Les The village of “Desa Les” belongs to the municipality of Tejakula, east of the Buleleng regency, and counts around 7000 inhabitants. Most of its villagers are fishermen or farmers. The village is situated at the coast of Northern Bali, a three and a half hour drive from Bali’s southern capital “Denpasar”. 

The strategic location between the Java Sea in the north and the Bangli forest in the south makes the village a perfect destination for eco-tourists. Additionally, Desa Les lies in the middle of a 3 hour drive between the tourist destinations of Lovina and Amed and could be the perfect intermediate stop in Northern Bali.

 This faraway yet accessible coastal village facing the Java Sea had miraculously escaped the scrutiny of guidebook writers. Scant mention is made of it in the latest Lonely Planet guide. If you want to avoid places that have been sabotaged by their own success and experience the “real” Bali untouched by mass tourism then “Desa Les” is your place. 

The area is still thinly populated and the little traffic still allows you to make easy stops on your own wheels. In the town itself, you’ll find no other tourists, no hotels, no entertainment, no restaurants, no ATM machines, no parking fees. It is definitely not the place if you’re looking for nightlife or surfing but it’s the quiet and peacefulness of the area which draw visitors.

addition to the atmosphere of the town is still very natural, they also have a custom village or local culture remains strong and friendly.
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